7. Avoid the second cheapest bottle on a wine list as, in most restaurants, this is the one the restaurateur pays the least for. Safe in the knowledge that customers don’t want to appear tight, owners tend to put the cheapest wine at a price slightly higher than the house wine – thus making the most profit. In most cases, the house wine will be better and cheaper.

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Why you should never order the second cheapest wine

While somm boner yields no Google results (wow?), the Oxford American English Dictionary might describe it as a phrase that’s “thrown around” in the “back of the house” in restaurants or at “staff trainings,” as a “playful dig” at fellow oenophiles who go “loco over a new liquid discovery” and can’t seem to “shut up about it.” And since somms are drinkers first and wine obsessives second, the source of their excitment can stray far from the first-growth Bordeaux and premier cru Champagnes you’d expect—anything from funky Belgian sours to vintage Chartreuse has the potential to be a somm’s liquid Viagra.

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The Rise (Ahem) of the #SommBoner | First We Feast

There you have it: Winemakers today are acting like brewers.

I mean that in the best possible way. The small-craft-beer industry is amazing right now. Craft beer has evolved from the hop wars of the last decade into an explosion of styles and expressions, largely thanks to garagistes and virtual tinkerers like Mikkeller. You don’t need to devise a beer for the ages. Devise one for next month.

No surprise that wine executives are quietly nervous about craft beer. And wine types, take note of how Big Beer has elbowed its way into the craft world.

via Wine learns a thing or two from craft beer — which is good – San Francisco Chronicle.

Wine learns a thing or two from craft beer — which is good – San Francisco Chronicle

Chartreuse Herbal Liqueur Information and Cocktails

Beer flavonoid could boost brain power

The only spirits that arrived in our house, when I was growing up, was vodka of dubious provenance brought from Poland. It acted like a magic charm as all the men became slightly flushed and started wild dancing while the women looked bemused. My lexicon of spirits was severely limited; gin and tonic sounded like something horrible that old people would drink. I remember my first sip of this deliciously refreshing bitter, fragrant, citrus-scented drink even now. It was baptism into the intriguing, perfumed, beguiling, slightly dark and mysterious world of gin.

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How to build a gin collection | My Custard Pie

Craft beer cost breakdown(USA)

Craft beers cost breakdown

Built on a Dream and Elbow Grease: The Story of Small Business – YouTube.
Great story!

BT: What’s on deck for new beer styles/collaborations?TH: EIGHT-Oat-Wine in Rye Whiskey Barrels out this fallFirst ever Barrel Aged Darkness, 30K bottles going out end of October kicking it off with 2 big metal shows October 24 & 25th.SOOO many ideas that I haven’t been able to realize since being maxed out! Next year!But a few…..Draft only No Hop Saison brewed with Dandelion greens,on tap nowDraft only-Licorice Porter for Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats first show in  MSP, Oct.1st.1349 Black Ale collab with 1349, Lervig and Surly out in bottles late this fall!Stone Berlin 2016More I can’t discuss yet…….

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BRAIN TENTACLES: Gimme 5 with Todd Haug of Surly Brewing

Chemical Composition of Beer


Chemical-Composition-Beer.png 3508×4961.