Currently Sipping: Ethiopia Kebel Kercha Guji Natural

November 3, 2012 — 2 Comments

Has Bean Coffee — Ethiopia Kebel Kercha Guji Natural.

Never has a tasting note nailed a flavor so well, as this one: Effervescent, zingy, sweet, blueberry muffin. This coffee is very light, with an amazing scent of blueberries, that makes me dive back in. Made with my Clever Coffee Maker, and I am going to be back for more!

Also going to do a bit of an experiment. I bought roasted and green beans of this type and I”m going to see how good I can get at roasting in my cast iron pan. I’ll post the results here.

  • JoeM

    Dude, you’ve been roasting for over a year now, surely they’re done by now?
    😉 I’m on the 2013 Kebel Kercha, HasBean roast. Superb, gingerbread & amaretto & some cheeky berry fruits in the background. Different to last year, but equally delicious.

    • Yes, it has been! 🙂 Love the fruit from these. I tend to use a convection oven to do them, though it is a bit of a hassle.