Liquid (adj) ´li-kw?d- flowing freely like water
Agnostic (n) ag-´näs-tik, ?g- – a person who is unwilling to commit to an opinion about something (adj) – noncommittal, undogmatic

Liquid Agnostic – A person who does not believe in a hierarchy of liquid consumables based on their perceived cultural importance.

  • Flavor is first.
  • Flavor is valued when it is not obvious.
  • Flavor is valued when it is layered and nuanced.
  • Flavor is valued when balanced.
  • Flavor is valued when it makes me smile.
  • I do not believe that one liquid category is superior to another.
  • I choose hand crafted or artesian beverages when possible.
  • I do not believe there is one right way to enjoy any liquid.
  • I do believe there are wrong ways to consume certain liquids.
  • I do not think puritanism towards the intoxicating effects of alcohol helps anyone.
  • A liquid is more highly coveted when I can not easily describe it.
  • A liquid is enjoyed more when it stops me and makes me think.
  • A liquid is sought out when it haunts my thoughts.
  • I will spend more for a liquid that makes me want to share.
  • I will enjoy liquids that demand I pay attention.
  • I will enjoy liquids that do more than just hydrate or intoxify.
  • Beer is not defined by industrial lagers.
  • Tea is not defined by tea bags.
  • Coffee is not defined by instant crystals or caffeine content.
  • Wine is not defined by Bordeaux first growths or the shape of the bottle.
  • Spirits are not defined by their alcohol content or ability to give a buzz.
  • Water brings balance to all liquids.
  • Taste is SUBJECTIVE

This is a living document and will grow and change over time.