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Roasting: Indian Balmaadi Biodynamic Fully Washed


Green pre roast and post roast. Done in a convection oven for about 14mins with constant agitation. Cooled outside in the cool air pouring from one sieve to another.
Taste of the beans show high acidity and some citrus. Looking forward to tasting tomorrow.

In a decision this year, the European Union agreed to phase out the use of “Darjeeling” on blended teas. Now, just as a bottle of Cognac must come from the region around the French town of Cognac, a cup of Darjeeling tea will have to be made only from tea grown around Darjeeling.

via Darjeeling Tea Growers Get Protection From E.U. –

Great news and lovely parallel to the wine industry and brands like Sherry and Port being tarnished by shady uses of the terms.